Thursday, May 15, 2008

Start A Home Based Business and Fight Gas Prices!


Need $$$ for the Cost ofLiving INCREASE? I know I did.. seems that there has beenincrease in an cost for everything! It cost more to drive your car, to heat your house, thetax for the house, the foodat the store, the food foryour animals, right downto the toilet paper to wipe your *%^!

But how? Where do I start? What do I do? If you are like me these are questions I was asking myself. I opened the classifieds, updated my 30 year old resume, emailed it out and waited. In the few interviews I got I found myself sitting across from my interviewer that looked like one of my kids.This is who is going to decide my fate? And then to hear the response, "sorry, your over qualified". I did some research on the term, "over qualified",in desifering this hidden crypt I discovered it's true meaning to be, "sorry, your too old"!

I tryed a part time job that didn't pay much but was enjoyable and helped to pay the bills and helped with my consistently decreasing income in the housing industry. Soon I found it consuming my time and my family was starting to forget who I was. And with the increase in gas, the wear and tear on my vehicle, I had to ask myself if I was really getting ahead and was it worth the sacrifice I was making?

So the search for an answer was on again. I had to find a way to get through this crunch. I had looked into making income on the internet but the unknown, not knowing where to start, what or how to do it, kept getting in my way. I invested some money, I didn't have (too much money). I bounced around from one promotion after another with promises to make this so easyanyone can do it.

Running into unknown terms, applications and programs that were impossible to understand for someone like me with somecomputer skills but not how to sell on the interernet, and what would I sell? That was an area I spent a lot of time exploring.
Then I discovered this system that got me started. It made sence, was easy to follow and understand.

I discovered one thing in this process, just jump in!
It's easier than you think. It's much easier with the right tools and an easy to use and understand system.

After bouncing around spending money instead of making money I found this system that really works and in 3 months time I was looking at being able to retire. Amazing what a difference money can make in your life! With gas prices it is the way to go and you get lots of write offs with a home office. Money and savings....what a great way to live. Money can't buy happiness but it sure can make life more enjoyable and a lot less stressful.

So, I hope you try a life with money and working for yourself. There is nothing better! If you are interested in my system, and are truly, honestly interested in changing your life, I am there for you all the way to help you build it. They don't call me "Bob the Builder" for nothing! The internet makes it possible for me to not only change my life but others lives as well. That is my biggest bonus, and I get to makethat happen over and over again!
Here's to your freedom!Bob the Builder, Bob Dapp